A Walk by Moonlight

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H L V Derozio's poem, ‘A Walk by Moonlight' describes the stages of awakening of the senses as a casual walk with friends gives him an experience in which he becomes enriched as his deeper senses are stirred and it turns into something more than just an appreciation of a moon light walk. Where he becomes philosophical and begins to search for life's meaning in everything around him at that moment as he progresses on a note of introspection and reflection. The poem begins with the poet recollecting how the previous night was "a lovely night" in which he "was very blest", making it so special, so much so that it would be in his "memory a happy spot to rest" as he would forever retain it in his mind and cherish it. He then goes on talk of…show more content…
The poet is glad that he is "allied to all the bliss" and is able to experience the pleasant state which enables him to see this material world in a different light and links him to a greater spiritual link "which other worlds we're told afford" but which he finds to be existing right here. His heart feels better when he thinks "that even this human heart to all around is gently bound and forms of all a part." That however "cold and lifeless they may seem" the flowers, the stars and the sky have in them more consciousness "than ordinary minds may deem" and knowing this and realizing it evokes an emotional response to everything around us as there is life in everything around us and we all share a part of it. ("Oh! In such moments can I crush the grass beneath my feet? Ah no; the grass has then a voice, its heart – I hear it beat") In the course of his short walk, the poet becomes greatly enriched as he has a blessed vision of nature as he realizes that it is not only with the senses but with the spirit that we relate to the growing of the earth and universe. As it is when this inner
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