A Walk in the Woods Essay

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Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” is a book that epitomizes the struggles that one needs to go through in order to better themselves. This is evident with the main characters. They are two middle aged men named Bryson, a man who resideds in New Hampshire and Katz, Bryson’s overweight alcoholic college friend from Iowa. When he thought of someone to accompany him, a grumpy college friend named Katz came to mind. As they started off, Bryson started off with the goal that the trail was only being hiked as a way to see the grand nation of America, but it lead to so much more as it uncovered many important topics. This is true because the trail was filled with adventure in discovering America’s heartland and realizing their own personal…show more content…
As a result of this hard work, the once overweight and lazy Katz began to get very inspired about hiking and exercise in general and ended up reinventing his lifestyle after this. Therefore, the men had conquered another key in their success, by being healthy adults with endurance. “God’s goal was to put me with every single annoying person you can possibly imagine” This was the quote that Bryson stated when describing his luck in being kept in company by the most obnoxious people. The interesting point regarding that statement is that a clear picture of Bryson’s quick tempered impatient personality. Moreover, Katz is also painted in an impatient manner when hiking on the trail, “…as Katz hiked, you could hear the absolute vulgarity spewing from his mouth, even from far away.” This also reiterated that both men were both short fused, and quick to lose their tempers. However, an incident occurred when their growth as patient human beings was evident. Specifically, this occurred when the men encountered the drunken couple. The men sighed in anguish when they realized what they had to do, get in the car with them and let the couple take them to the nearest motel. The couple was loud, obnoxious and drunk, but the impatient Bryson sat there and kept his mouth shut and therefore, he had finally learned the art of diplomacy, which is a key example of their success. At first sight, Katz was a large man who seemed to live an unhealthy physical lifestyle, however mentally
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