A Wall Of Fire Rising By Edwidge Danticat

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There are two types of people in this world: those who can handle economic struggle and those who cannot. Danticat highlights this point in her short story set in Haiti. "A Wall of Fire Rising" is a short story about a family that is struggling economically and in their relationship with each other. Through the author, Edwidge Danticat, we are introduced to the characters. Mother and wife, Lili, a son "Little Guy" and his father "Guy" as they live a life of poverty in one of the shantytowns in Haiti. Lili is a Haitian mother who understands her predicament and seemly wants to make the best out of it. Throughout the story Lili goes about her unfortunate life without a complaint. Little Guy is your typical innocent youth that admire his…show more content…
At home Guy questions his life situation and asks his wife a critical question, “how do you think a man is judged after he is gone.” (Danticat) Lili tries to reassure her husband that his life is fine. The next day at the sugar mill Guy steal the hot air balloon and sets it in the air, as the balloon travels to the moon Guy jumps out. Moreover, from the beginning Danticat captured me by vividly showing a son love for his dad. “Guy’s seven-year-old son—Little Guy—dashed from a corner and grab his father’s hand. The boy dropped his composition notebook as he leaped to his father.” (Danticat) Here I begin to think “OK this is going to be a family love story” I was content with this idea, I would have never thought that later in the story I will find the father to be a man who is unstable. Further along in the beginning of the story the son recites the first part of his play. This is where we first see the title “A Wall of Fire Rising” inside the story. The title was a quote said by Dutty Boukman (or a European man) who the son is portraying. In the speech Boukman is saying the killing of his people is increasing. Yet, in the story A Wall of Fire Rising is referring to Guy. Guy’s wall of fire that is rising is his desperate need for freedom and escape from poverty. We see this when Guy and his family visit the sugar mill and Guy stands by the fence and stare at the hot air balloon with freedom on his mind
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