A Warmer Version Of Katonah

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Ocala was a warmer version of Katonah. It was not on the water, but what it lacked in views it more them made up for in privacy. Set on almost 10 acres this part of Florida was known as horse country. Many people who lived in the eastern seaboard had a residence in the area because they had children who rode and competed. In the winter activity picked up dramatically as horses were shipped south to be in the warm climate. He had never thought about Florida as a residence, but as the winters in New England started to become more intense he revised that plan. He found that as he got older he really did not like the cold, especially when it accompanied snow on an almost weekly basis. Surprisingly he found the dual residence and climate to…show more content…
His personality was such that he always had to be on alert, even if there nothing to be alert about. His concern was getting older and lifestyle. Looking back, perhaps he could have participated in a few more contests, the money was good and always better to have more then less. Of course there was always the possibility of not surviving one of the contests and even at a million dollars per game it was not worth his life. Have you ever wondered what your life was worth, one of those silly mind games of “what if” that everyone played from time to time. When he heard that Flyod-Webber a light weight boxer had just made $250 million dollars in his recent championship fight McCoy did a “What-If”. Of course he could not compete on that level, but so much money, “What-If” McCoy had no way to know that his big “what-if” moment would arrive sooner then he could expect. The Mora brothers were meeting with the Saudi Minister and other influential allies. The agenda was straightforward, everyone there had the same sense of what needed to be done. Of course there are always certain side bar issues that people have an individual interest in achieving, but nothing that would prevent a deal. First item was to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities. It was a consensus across the board that a nuclear Iran was a destabilizing force. As an off shoot of that agenda was for the issue of Shiite Muslims to be neutralized. Once Iran was
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