A Water Project Proposal from the Maragoli Area Community Development Foundation

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PROJECT TITLE: Lusiola (LEW-SHOR-AH) Environmental Group Water and Sanitation Project LOCATION: Kenya, Western Province, Vihiga District, Vihiga Division, Mungoma Location, Lusiola Sub-Location, Vigedze (VEE-GAY-ZA) Village SUMMARY OF PROPOSAL: The Lusiola Environmental Group seeks funding for improvements in water quality in Vigedze Village through the installation of rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems, the protection of 11 community springs, and improvements to latrines. SPECIFIC PROJECT OBJECTIVES: 1) Installation of rainwater harvesting systems (Ksh 200,750; US$2808) 2) Protection of 11 springs (Ksh. 591,200; US$8211) 3) Improvements of latrines (Ksh
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Our nine-member board of trustees (representing the U.S., Netherlands, Japan and Kenya) is primarily responsible for fund-raising, but our on-site project coordinator and local board of governors make crucial recommendations on project funding and oversee project implementation and evaluation. In the first two years of operation. MACODEF raised nearly $25,000 to fund projects in education, health care and micro-enterprise. For example, the following projects were funded over the past two years:


2004 Projects Provided school uniforms and scholarships for AIDS orphans Repaired water tank and constructed new latrines at village primary school Provided funds for final phase of construction of a community meeting hall Funded equipment for science laboratory at Vigina Secondary School 2005 Projects Began construction of a rural health clinic in Vigedze Village Provided small grants for medicine and food to individuals with AIDS Conducted AIDS awareness seminars via funding of the village soccer team Provided new desks for students and teachers at Vigina Primary School Funded school uniforms and scholarships to AIDS orphans Provided micro-loans to start a village grain
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