A Wave Is Repeated Oscillation That Transfers Energy Without Transferring Matter

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A wave is repeated oscillation that transfers energy without transferring matter. There are few types of waves:

Transverse waves

Longitudinal waves

Properties of the waves:
• Reflection – it is a change of the wave direction when there is a fixed boundary (if there’s a fixed end, crest will reflect with the trough back. If there’s an open or free end, crest will reflect with the crest back)
• Refraction – it is a change of the wave direction and speed when it travels from one medium to another.
• Diffraction – it is a spreading out of the wave, depending on the size of the gap and the wavelength of the wave.
• Interference – is the result when two waves meet

There are mechanical and electromagnetic waves as well. Sound waves are classified as mechanical waves, because it requires medium to transport its energy. They are not capable to travel through vacuum. Light waves could be described as both, because some properties of it as being like particles and some such as diffraction and refraction in terms of a wave-like motion. Light is made up of particles that are called photons, but it’s also made of electric and magnetic fields, which are electromagnetic waves.
One of the examples of the sound wave therapy used in healthcare is Ultrasound imaging. It is used to examine internal human body tissue without causing any damage. The main uses of it are in: abdominal, maternity, breast tissue, gynaecological and all other small tissue examination.
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