A Way No Other Author Then Marie Lu Can Do

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The book Legend expresses two characters personalities and lives in a way no other author then Marie Lu can do. June and Day, the main characters of the book, have different lives until they meet. Their personalities are expressed within each other’s and are challenged when they interact to complete an adventure that changes their lives forever. Their personalities also help them come together after being soul enemies. Although their lives and personalities are very different, they complement each other’s in amazing ways.
June and Day’s personalities help each other to live through and adventure of a lifetime. June is a very smart person. Because of her brother, June knows many military tricks and rules. She also goes to college, where she
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One sentimental thing that June brings on her journey of her brother’s death is something Metias told June one time. “Metias kissed me on my forehead. “Forever and ever, kid, until you’re sick and tired of seeing me,”” Marie Lu (Page 43). This really demonstrates how trustworthy and loyal June is to her brother. But, one thing to think about is if Metias was true and June was actually “sick and tired” of seeing her brother.
The last aspect of June that is important is that she is not heartless. This aspect can be good and bad. June can be warm hearted to people. It is bad at work and it is beneficial when June is not working. Not being heartless and being in the military don’t work together. Obviously you will care about the other people on your side, but the enemy can’t see that you care about them. “I need to learn this, to familiarize myself with this. My ears ring from the spy’s screams. I ignore the fact that the spy’s hair is straight and dark like my own, and his skin is pale, and his youth reminds me of Metias over and over again,” Marie Lu (Page 94). Thinking about Metias is showing June’s weak point, when working. Thinking about him makes her sad and very weak towards anything unexpected physically (by someone else). June has many great qualities but some can hinder her abilities especially when working. All in all, June is smart, loyal, and definitely cares about others. Day

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