A Way Of Life : Hinduism

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Sobiya Azmath

Professor Howard

Philosophy (PHIL) 1304

September 25, 2015

A Way of Life

Hinduism is the third most practiced and one of the oldest religion in the world. It is mostly practiced in south Asian countries like India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. India is also called “Hindustan” because it has the majority of the people who practice the religion. It has been evolving over thousands or years and will continue to. One of the things that are admired the most by Hindus is the rivers and the most favorite of them all is the Ganges River. It is the symbol of purity and holds the sacred power to purify.
The Ganges River is considered the holiest place for Hindus and is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is consider as a Goddess. Many people believe that their sins could be washed away in the river and they will be purified. Many of the pilgrims who come to visit bottle the water from the river to give to the sick. The river also symbolizes the power of Vedas which is a book that has the highest knowledge about the Hindu religion. It is written in Sanskrit which is the sacred language of Hinduism. The power flows in the highest heavens as it flows in Ganges and cannot be convey directly to the people. For it to be passed on, they would need to find a spiritual leader or a “guru” or a priest. We can find them along the side of the river. “Many priests set up temporary workplaces on the Ghats, small platforms under large umbrellas where they help devotees perform…

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