A Way Of Talking By Patricia Grace

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Patricia Grace, a well-known Maori writer, wrote the story “A Way of Talking.” Grace was the first Maori woman to be published. She tends to write about the relationship between indigenous Maoris and new settlers from Europe and Australia in New Zealand. In the 19th Century, European and Australian people invaded New Zealand which was previously inhabited by Maori people. Maori culture struggles to be conserved as they make up merely eight percent of the population of New Zealand despite their original status. Grace’s stories often encompass her own traditions as a Maori woman within the struggles of preserving the Maori culture. The title of this story directs the reader’s attention to exactly what the author wants to stress. By making the title “A Way of Talking”, the reader will immediately focus on the dialect of the characters and subconsciously notice the contrast of characters’ dialects. This story is told through the first person narrative. By keeping the narrator consistent, noting character development is easier and more apparent. The narrator, Hera, copes with internal and external conflicts that revolve around dialect. Her internal struggle stems from the external conflict caused by the characters Jane Frazer and Rose. The external conflict is when Jane Frazer makes a casually prejudiced comment and Rose confronts her. This causes Hera some anxiety as she questions whether she should have done the same, if what Rose said was rude, or if she just lost a friend.…
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