A Web Based Communication Method

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A webinar is a web-based communication method, mainly uses for interactive and virtual conferences, seminars, training, and employee orientations. It is directed using an online software platform like adobe connect to participate viewers via the personal computers or laptops. It gains popularity because the majority of employers are hiring distant workforces, and also helps to train employees and agents as many as possible at a time (Williams, n.d.). Williams (n.d) also provides a valuable information, especially, for those who are new to this technology like me. For example, how to enter the given passcode, a recommendation to log in 10 minutes before the start of the seminar, dialing the given number to access the webinar following to listen to the presentation, the option of Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) if there is no phone line. Even though participating on a web-based (webinar) seminar entirely is a new environment for me, I decided to register for one of the very few free of charge webinar seminars that related to the healthcare organization. After I had searched for a couple days, I found this website (https://hrsa.connectsolutions.com/hrsa-cdc/) and registered for the free enter as a guest and had gotten participant passcode. Beginning from the date I registered for the seminar, I worked on adjusting my time in order to not make conflict, started to see the webinar required software and tools for audio presentation. Through my research and time arrangement
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