A Web Developer Working For Net Connect Network Solutions

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I am a junior web developer working for Net-connect network solutions (NCNS). I have been asked to create a report that is going to talk about the following web architecture; Internet service provider, domain structure, domain name registrars and the World Wide Web. I will also be talking about the following key components; mail and proxy servers, routers and browsers. I will also be explaining how the client’s settings will impact the web performance. Lastly I will be explaining the security risks and how to protect data. I will also talk about TCP/IP and the 7 layers of OSI. Internet service providers – An internet service provider is a company that provides you with an internet connection with a monthly cost. You are able to connect to the ISP using a cable modem, wireless or a high speed interconnection. The fee per month varies depending on which ISP Company you are a customer to and what package you get. For example the cheapest sky package might be cheaper than the cheapest virgin package. It would also vary on what speed of internet you are willing to pay for, if you only want to pay for very slow and basic internet such as 5Mb down and 0.5 up then you won’t be paying as much as someone that wants 80Mb download and 10Mb upload. Also the internet service provider would provide all of its customers with an email address that you can use for your own personal use and also it is a way for them to get in touch with you. Web hosting service - A web hosting service is a
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