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A Website Analysis on the Reformation of Marijuana Laws NORML, or the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, founded in 1970, is a non profit, public interest advocacy group which fights for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition and want an end to arresting responsible marijuana smokers. In its website, the organization states that its mission is to “move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty” (NORML website). Cannabis, the scientific term for the plant which the marijuana leaf is grown on, is used throughout the site. NORML, the oldest and largest marijuana legalization…show more content…
All of the numbers on the chart are continuously changing, giving people the ability to put into perspective the effect of the drug war. Similar to NORML, Efficacy wants there to be a reform on drug laws in the US, except Efficacy is more based on making peace and ending the drug war, rather than for the medical, personal, and industrial uses like NORML. Efficacy hopes to educate people on drug abuse, and crime prevention, and encourages citizens to re-examine the drug policy. NORML’s website is very informative of their motives and aspirations. On the home page there are many recent events and media headlines that involved NORML or support their cause. Recent events include Hemp-fest in Boston, Ma, and recent articles include ones about the crackdown on drug paraphernalia sales, and its lack of effect on businesses in Wilmington, NC shops. Links from the home page lead to ways to donate to NORML, frequently asked questions, news archives, ways to take action, NORML chapter sites, ways to contact NORML officials, and business supporters. NORML also has links to state guides for marijuana laws, legal issues that they have dealt with, and sites to help other people find lawyers. Efficacy is a more locally based site than NORML, but also has links to recent headlines in the news, and articles written by the organizations

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