A Website For Those Living Out Of Asia And Wishing For Source Items Of Indian Fashion

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This project seeks to develop a website for those living out of Asia and wishing to source items of Indian fashion.....
As overall all the countries are growing very fast, the world is experiencing on regular basis as the growth of population in the early 20th century is growing rapidly and emerging in public sectors so there are currently ore then 1.3 billion of Asian people living abroad.[1]
In addition there may well be a market for Asian artefacts for non-Asian people who would be interested in purchasing traditional Asian products. Similarly globalisation which is the growing interdependence of world markets is creating global opportunities for business as businesses can communicate quickly and effectively with suppliers and
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In order to discover some good and inferior points of websites it will be useful to investigate existing websites and to pick up good and useless features to optimise the website which is to be built. For example:
• When the product is user-friendly so in this case definitely the designer is expert and full of skills and knowledge, so there is a need to be knowledgeable.
• The product needs to be built, which also builds your brand status in the economic market; in this there should be some of the perfect action to solve it or to build the expected system (Gobysavvy,2015).

• 1]

• As the good and inferior webpages defines the culture, captures all the data, it is a fast track process and creates a good culture feedback from the customer side (Halogensoftware.com, 2015)
• By choosing all the good and bad features
• To examine we can manage a powerful solution as far as business needs.
• Implementation makes it easy and on demand.
• Get knowledgeable information from the experienced staff
• Provides advance services as the management leads to success
• Active customer community on social networking site in live or virtual sections.

To organise a successful application some of the important tools had taken to identify it
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