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This article was published in an Americsn weekly magazine Newsweek by the well known author Kevin Maney, and it was published in 26th of June, 2015. Newsweek is a well-known, famous, second largest weekly popular magazine in USA. This article is pretty uptodate from 2015. The author of this article Kevin Maney is a credible, best-selling author, award-winning columnist, and musician. He writes a weekly column about technology and society for Newsweek, appearing both online and in the printed magazine.
The audience of this article can be newsweek magazine’s reader, business man, politicians, computer and google workers, the employees and employers from Apple and lastly the general public with some degree of education.
The claim/thesis statement of this article is “ this creature is not who we wish to be – it’s a raw, unfiltered, brutally revealing version of ourselves, built onour dossiers of clicks, keystrokes, swipes, likes, transactions and check-ins, absent wahtever inner belief drove them. If a soul is who you are no matter what everybody else sees, this digital you is the opposite of a soul: It is all action and no intention”. The summary of this statement is that we are losing our privacy with the advance modern technology.
Throughout the article, the author make statements about the negitivity of the side of digital fingerprints and online tracking. He mentioned it as a fact and did not offer it as a proposal. He put out his different statements on the side of his

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