A Weekly Paper 3 : Leadership Behavior

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Weekly Paper 3 : Leadership behavior skills II : Viren Kheni Leadership behavior coin has two sides: Transactional and Transformational. We have already seen one side of the leadership behavior. In this paper we are going to discuss in detail about transactional leadership behavior. We will discuss about its each components and relation between transactional and transformational leadership behavior. We will also have a look on source of power, empowering behavior and empowerment and some issues with measuring leaders behavior along with that we have seen some visionary CEOs of the multinational companies and their mentality, their thinking process and their visions and how did they achieve it! Transformational Leadership Behavior:…show more content…
These include connecting the follower 's sense of identity and self to the mission and the collective identity of the organization; being a role model for followers that inspires them; challenging followers to take greater ownership for their work, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of followers, so the leader can align followers with tasks that optimize their performance. The Components of Transformational Leadership There are four different components of transformational leadership: • Intellectual Stimulation – Transformational leaders not only challenge the status quo; they also encourage creativity among the followers. The leader encourages followers to explore new ways of doing things and new opportunities to learn. • Individualized Consideration – Transformational leadership also involves offering support and encouragement to individual followers. In order to foster supportive relationships, Transformational leaders keep lines of communication open so that followers feel free to share ideas and so that leaders can offer direct recognition of the unique contributions of each follower. • Inspirational Motivation – Transformational leaders have a clear vision that they are able to articulate to followers. These leaders are also able to help followers experience the same passion and motivation to fulfill these goals. • Idealized
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