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Introduction/Overview Welcome to the world of Biasi Since its inception in Italy in the 1930s, the Biasi name has become trusted around the world for quality, reliability and performance. Now serving customers in over 40 countries, Biasi is a global brand with a rich history and cutting-edge solutions. Biasi UK was formed in 1990, and has quickly become a leading supplier to the heating industry, continually evolving to remain at the forefront of new product development and set ever-higher benchmark standards. Our boilers are proudly manufactured right here in the UK, at one of Europe’s most advanced facilities, where each boiler and its components are individually tested to exacting performance standards throughout the production…show more content…
The Energy-Related Products Directive (ErP) is part of the European Union 's commitment to reduce carbon emissions. You may already be familiar with ErP: the distinctive labels are already on display whenever you buy certain new products, including fridges, freezers, TVs and tyres. The simple-to-read chart rates each product on how energy efficient they are: from A+++ (the most energy efficient) to G (the least energy efficient). What does this mean for Biasi boilers and heating products? Since September 2015, the ErP applies all residential and commercial heating products throughout Europe, including electrical powered products, boilers, water heaters, as well as renewable technologies such as solar thermal and heat pumps. ErP has two separate sections: Ecodesign and Energy Labelling. • Ecodesign Ecodesign determines the minimum energy performance standards, nitrogen oxide and noise emissions criteria for energy-related products. All Biasi products comply with these criteria and bear the CE mark that makes them legal for used and sale in the EU community. • Energy Labelling Every product with an output equal to or less than 70kW (or in the case of water heaters or storage tanks that have a storage volume of equal to or less than 5000 litres) will require a label. Each Biasi product is classified with an efficiency band from A+++ to G, relating to heating and, where relevant, hot water production and sound power level. This means
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