A Well-known Literary Gothic, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley

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Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly, introduced many new themes and ideas while it became one of the most well know literary gothics of all time. At the young age of 19, Mary Shelly began to write the novel of Frankenstein, soon following Mary published Frankenstein in March of 1818. According to biography.com “Mary would finishes writing Frankenstein within a year of first writing it due to a bet with Percy Shelley, her husband”. Mary was a girl who engrossed herself in her writings and was very smart as she published her first poem at the age of 10. While Mary is well known for her literary work and thought she never received any type of formal schooling. Mary Shelly had a great way of placing the large influences of her life within the science fiction novel, Frankenstein. Her life affluences in her early years, interests, relationship with her stepmother, death of family members, and her husbands love would all be parallel to the monsters personality and the literary influences thought-out the novel. The book of Frankenstein would seemingly similar to a relay race, thought-out this story we are brought back and forth though mazes of narrators and literary variables. Victor also known as Mr. Frankenstein and the creator of the monster himself was a victim of the great old saying “curiosity killed the cat”. Victor was ambitions and always willing to learn this is where he came across the book of Cornelius Agrippa. Little did Victor know that this book would shape
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