A Wellness Approach to Health

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Wellness Approach to Health Life expectancy in the United States is below most of the developed world and yet Americans pay the most for healthcare (CIA). The reason that Americans are so low on the list is their dependency on conventional medicine. Whereas other countries take a holistic approach to overall health and wellness, preventing diseases before they become a problem, the American system of medicine treats illnesses and the symptoms without preventing further damage. The result is an entire society dependent on drugs and surgery and constantly living in pain. The wellness approach to health is an alternative way of living that encourages self awareness and understanding as a means of ensuring lasting health. There are six areas of living that the wellness approach focuses on and prompts people to take responsibility for their health. These ways include acceptance of normal aging, understanding holistic living's responsibilities, varying daily activities, knowing gender and age-specific healthcare needs, health assessment strategies, and proper health assessment creation. While aging does cause some minor discomforts and slowdowns in the body's systems, it should not lead to an inability to function. The primary causes for pain and disease are not actually aging but rather a sedentary lifestyle. Modern life gives people little opportunity to stop, stretch and move their bodies as the body was designed to move. This leads to the body's muscles atrophying.
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