A Wicked Halloween Psychology

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A Wicked Halloween By I'sis Ducker One october night, Micah and I were sitting in my room, talking about our plans for the following holidays. Micah suggested movies, a haunted house, and our church’s Halloween Party to supervise the kids, and I agreed. The next day, Micah and I debated on which movie we wanted to go see, we couldn’t decide between ‘The Conjuring 2’ and ‘Don’t Breathe’. “I think we should go see “The Conjuring 2,” Micah said. “I agree, because ‘Don’t Breathe doesn’t look that scary.” I said.“The movies wasn’t that scary, but it still makes me nervous.” I said. Once the movie was over, and we drove home, I got the feeling of eyes staring into the back of my head. I came to the conclusion that it was just my imagination so I slept it off. The next day I told Micah about it. She laughed and said “It was me! I knew you were going to fall for it.” Obviously it was her. I simply rolled my eyes and walked away. Later on, while we were deciding on what to do next, Micah said “ Let's go to a haunted house so scary, that it makes us become scared of the dark!” “I don't know ‘bout all that,” I said laughing. “but sure let's do it” Boy, how much I regret that! It was so scary! People, things, and objects popped up everywhere I turned! The music…show more content…
We began to set up before the people started coming “This is preposterous!” all of a sudden one of our church members yelled. Her name is Stacy. We all ran over to her aid.”What?” “What happened?” “What’s wrong?” We all said at once. “ We don't have nearly as much candy as I thought we would! We will need way more!” Micah and I volunteered to go out and buy more candy. By the time we came back, with ten different bags of candy in our arms, Stacy comes up to us with an awkward smile on her face “Sorry to say, but we found the rest of the candy” She said laughing. Micah looked at me and sighed “ Looks like we got a lot of candy to
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