A Wide Age Range Of Kids

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At the Centre 4 girls, children aged 5-11 sit at the table and prepare for the announcement of the art of project of the day. Although Administration and Instructors put forth an effort to maintain a disciplined enrichment after school Centre, I have personally witnessed numerous of times where that particular goal was not obtained. The biggest issue with the Centre is that they fail to properly separate and teach children according to their mental and motor capabilities. Integrating a wide age range of kids together could negatively affect the children’s social cognitive domains. On the other hand, something that the Centre for Girls is known for is there good natured, caring spirit. The instructors take time to ask questions about the child’s life, school, or whatever the kids feels comfortable talking openly about. Many children have attended the Centre since they were young and have consequently formed a bond with a particular instructor. Because of that genuine interaction between the instructor and each individual kid, the Centre is considered a safe haven and that surrogate source of secure attachment could possibly help the child obtain satisfying social relationships and interactions into their adulthood and give the child a more positive view on life.
“Every time I volunteer at the Centre I see Ms. Vivian running around the room, helping various kids. The classroom is in constant chaos. While she is helping the 5 years olds catch up. Many children begin to get…
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