A Wide Array Of Risk Factors For Risk Among Older Client With Type 2 Diabetes

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Among a wide array of risk factors for falls among older client with type 2 diabetes are the use of multiple medications, excess muscle weakness, especially at the ankle, and a host of environmental factors. Specific factors that significantly heighten risk among many with type2 diabetes are the presence of motor and/or sensory neuropathy, which increases the displacement of the center of pressure recordings during static balance tests in a dose dependent manner, the use of insulin, vision impairments, and the level of glycated hemoglobin. Others include lower levels of physical activity, and poor postural control or balance. As well, people with type 2 diabetes tend to be older rather than younger, and in addition to poor levels of neuromuscular control, may have diabetic foot ulcers, and high rates of body pain as well as foot pain that lead to the use of psychotropic medications and polypharmacology. Other factors include high rates of impaired vision, including poor low-contrast visual acuity and poor depth perception, lower limb amputations, vitamin D deficiency, and impaired renal function. Other factors include dementia, urinary incontinence, depressive symptoms, and mild cognitive impairment. As well a high consumption of medications, poorer walking performance, and reduced cognitive function, are mediators of falls in diabetics. Since peripheral neuropathy is seen in most diabetic client this may exhibit greater postural sway in standing or a slower than average

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