A Wide Range Of Informational And Educational Programs

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At NFC, patients and their families have access to complete, unbiased, and useful information, however, no systems are in place to ensure this. A wide range of informational and educational programs and materials are consistently available to patients and families. Written, audiovisual, and web-based information and educational resources include examples and images that reflect the diversity of patients and families served by NFC. No trained interpreters or peer-led educational programs are available. Web-based opportunities for information-sharing and networking are typically not offered to patients and families. The registration/sign in process for visits at NFC fails to capture the patient’s priorities, goals, and concerns for the visit. The nurse obtains each patient’s chief complaint, medication history, and medical history. The charting and documentation system and the use of information technology fail to support the recording of patients’ and families’ observations, goals, and priorities for care. A system that allows patients to access their medical records from outside of the clinic is not in place. Patients must physically present to the clinic to obtain their records, however, patients and families are offered a way to collect and organize personal health information. NFC does not utilize a human resources department. Patient and family advisors are not involved in any hiring processes. Position descriptions and performance appraisal processes do not clearly…
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