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It’s not a challenging task to find a wide range of resources in a field like communications. There are many authoritative, trade and popular resources readily available to anyone looking just a few clicks of the keyboard away. The challenge at hand is finding resources that directly apply to the discipline that one is focusing on. I hope to manage communications for political groups or the government one day and when I started looking for resources, I found a plethora of authoritative resources for the field of communications that covered many different topics, but this was also the case for authoritative political science resources. What I had trouble finding were resources that applied to both public relations and political science. For…show more content…
Articles are written by various scholars and professionals in the public relations field and once approved by their peers, are published in this journal. Six comprehensive issues of the latest research and studies are published a year by a board of editors that are experts in the field. An article that was written by Kim Young titled “Understanding publics’ perception and behaviors in crisis communication: Effects of crisis news framing and publics’ acquisition, selection, and transmission of information in crisis situations” and published by Journal of Public Relations is the reason I choose this specific authoritative resource. The article is a study that demonstrates how people react to the way a certain event is portrayed by the news. The purpose of the study was “To better understand publics’ perception and communicative behaviors in crisis communication” (Young 35). The audience for this article is people in the public relations field, members of the news, and anyone that wants to know more about how news is manipulated to compel the public to think a certain way. Moving on to my second authoritative source, I choose a peer reviewed journal titled The International Journal of Press/Politics. As soon as I read the title of this journal I knew it would apply to my discipline without fault. This interdisciplinary
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