A Wide Range Of Structural And Sociopolitical Constraints

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We are in an age of awareness for equality in every aspect of life. An issue that needs awareness is that of children with behavioral and emotional disorder. Through this issue I would like to answer the following question: Are Hispanic children less likely to be diagnosed and treated for behavioral and emotional disorders than non-minority children? Children spend the majority of their time within a school thus teachers and school psychologist are usually the first to realize if a disorder exists. Specifically, when the children are from low social economic status and Hispanic origins because these children lack the appropriate resources at home. There is “a wide range of structural and sociopolitical constraints related to accessing…show more content…
. . vandalize. And as soon as school starts up again, the crime rate goes down” (Kaff, pg. 319). Without being treated the life of these children will be greatly affected. Hispanic parents due to ignorance of such diseases and language barrier do not realize that something is affecting their child thus the responsibility lands on teachers and school psychologists to refer the child for medical evaluation. But sometimes the teacher and the school psychologist do not do so for several reasons. Hence, we will explore their reasoning. Teachers sometimes spend more time with the children than parents do. Guetzloe explains that “we’ve got the children for most of their awake lives through their childhood” (Kaff 320). Teacher generally have the experience to know when certain behaviors should be further observed. The student/teacher relationship for children with emotional and behavioral problems is essential in the progress of that child. While at school, a child is left under the responsibility of a teacher where the child seeks guidance in that teacher as the authority figure present; the teacher serves as a secure base from where the child can socialize with fellow classmates and become familiar with the classroom (Arbeau, 2010, 3). On the other hand, some children tend to disrespect the authority figure in the teacher; do not take a hold of the opportunity of the secure base that the teacher provides for him/her for
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