A Wide Range Of Structural And Sociopolitical Constraints

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We are in an age of awareness for equality in every aspect of life. An issue that needs awareness is that of children with behavioral and emotional disorder. Through this issue I would like to answer the following question: Are Hispanic children less likely to be diagnosed and treated for behavioral and emotional disorders than non-minority children? Children spend the majority of their time within a school thus teachers and school psychologist are usually the first to realize if a disorder exists. Specifically, when the children are from low social economic status and Hispanic origins because these children lack the appropriate resources at home. There is “a wide range of structural and sociopolitical constraints related to accessing services disproportionately affect minority youth, such as poverty, lack of insurance and insufficient availability of behavioral health services in minority neighborhoods” (Alegria, pg 5). Thus, this issue needs to be rapidly addressed because these are the children who are later “referred to juvenile justice if they display of aggressive or disruptive behaviors, without consideration of whether these are untreated mental health problems” (Alegria 4). Elenor Guetzloe explains in an interview that she remembers giving senators a single page paper that stated that “the crime rate in Tampa, Florida, goes up immensely the day after school is out. And it’s our kids that are doing this. They are bored, they need something to do, so they go out and…
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