`` A Winter Of Lahore `` By Ashley Carus Wilson

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Irene Petrie: Missionary to Kashmir Written by Ashley Carus-Wilson, this book is a biography of Irene Petrie, a missionary who went abroad to India for four year, and died during her time there. Carus-Wilson is sister to Petrie, and wrote this book for the purpose of ensuring that her sister was remembered and honored by the community. The chapter being examined is entitled, “A Winter in Lahore”, and details Petrie’s first arrival to India and her mission work thereafter. The audience of this text can be identified as a variety of individuals involved in the Protestant Christian religion. It is evident that this book is written with the intent of praising missionaries, especially brave females like Irene Petrie. Many members of the church community during this time were very interested in learning about the bravery and dedication of the inspiring missionaries. These individuals most likely loved reading books such as this to learn more about the missionaries who dedicated their lives to God in hopes of converting the uncultured, barbaric Indian people. It is reasonable to assume that these individuals were also the ones who helped support such dangerous missionary endeavors spiritually, if not also financially. By showing all the accomplishments of Petrie, Carus-Wilson is able to exemplify a missionary success story, which further increases the support of the missionary field. When analyzing the information presented in the text, it is largely assumed that this audience is

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