A Woman Doing Life : Notes From A Prison For Women

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After reading A Woman Doing Life : Notes from a Prison for Women, I learned a lot more than I thought I knew about the life of women in jails or prisons. Erin George , the main character , gives readers an ethnographic insight on the struggles women face in prison. The hardships women face in prison consist of, and are limited to harsh shakedowns, poor medical treatment, and changes within the prison system that intentionally dehumanizes women inmates. Erin George before prison was a middle class women who seem to live a decent life, she is a mother of 3 and had a great support system within her family. She was happily married until she was convicted of murdering her husband which landed her six-hundred-three years in prison. Erin George was sentenced to life in prison at Fluvanna Correctional Center for women. George is a peaceful person whom most of the times kept her composure while incarcerated. Many inmates found her to be a helpful resource especially when it came to academia. At first jail/prison was hard for George to get accustomed to , as it would be for all first time offenders. What was especially hard for George was the transition to jail/prison being from a middle class family. Her once profound freedom was gone and now she had to abide by the rules of the criminal justice system. Prison protocol such as shakedowns are important to make sure that inmates are not in possession of contraband but also used to make sure an inmate does not have too many of
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