A Woman Under The Influence

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A Woman Under the Influence is an American dramatic film that was written in an entangled way to illustrate a story. The auteur John Cassavetes wrote and directed this film that was released in November of 1974. Cassavetes spent most of his career creating films that were more ‘off the grid’; A Woman Under the Influence is a prime example considering there was no other American film quite comparable to it. This was a rare film because the internal fluctuations effectively allowed formulating of the primary configurations. “John Cassavetes rejected the elements and techniques of the American movie and created his own method” (LoBrutto). Cassavetes is known to be the pioneer of American independent film. Independent filmmaking is difficult to establish an exact definition mostly because it does not follow a set of specific guidelines. Conversely independent films are commonly designated to be character driven, and these were the films that frequently had an extremely low budget. A Woman Under the Influence and some of Cassavetes other films demonstrate in a similar form of bstylistic characterizations of post World War II European film. Independent filmmakers typically viewed their films as a film as an art form or as a business film. Nonetheless Cassavetes undoubtedly viewed his films as a form of art.
The film opens with typical events any average family would endure. Gena Rowland starring as, Mabel Longhetti is introduced to the audience as a typical housewife. It is
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