A Woman Who Was A Girl

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Once upon a time there was a woman who was unexpectedly pregnant. She had big brown eyes, short hair, and her physique was slim since she lived in the gym and practiced for volleyball. Even though the little seed in the woman’s stomach was not planned, her parents were overly excited for another child. They already had two of their own to take care of but were ready for another challenge. A couple months into the pregnancy, they were shocked to know the child was a girl. They had two boys before that and thought they would have another one. Her parents did not know what to name their first daughter, but her mother thought of Alinali, which many could not pronounce one bit. On the other hand, her father thought of something simple, like Nicole.
Every day after she was born, her parents cherished her and their other two sons. They showed unconditional love on a daily basis and always gave an abundant number of hugs and kisses. Three years went by when Nicole and her siblings had one more addition to the family. Sadly, things began to change. Her parents had struggled financially and were extremely stressed. Looking for ways to help the family, both parents worked assiduously to bring money to the table, and that is why her mother applied for a side job at a hotel. Injuring her back at her first job, which had dealt with cars, her mother could not work no longer, so all the responsibility was left on the father. They managed and were still very thankful, but the mother’s…
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