A Woman of Wonder Essay

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Joan of Arc, known also as Jeanne d’Arc came into this world on the 6th of January, 1412 in the village of Dormremy. She left this world at the tender age of 19 on the 30th of May, 1431. Domremy was in the district of Champagne in northeastern France. Joan of Arc is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church as well as being a national heroine to the French. During the “Hundred Years War” with England she saved France from being defeated. Joan of Arc is oftentimes referred to as the Maid of Orléans in tribute to her victory. Joan of Arc’s beliefs in God is what attributed to her courage and her strength, another factor was the people of Frances’ belief in her. People with special gifts are feared by most and accusations are formulated based on…show more content…
She spent a lot of her free time in the church. Joan of Arc’s mother nurtured her in her faith from the moment she was born, because she had a great love for God as well. Joan of Arc also showed her faith by having her banner painted with a picture of God and the words Jesus Maria characterizing Jesus Christ and the mother Mary. As soon as Joan of Arc took command, she promptly went to work improving the spiritual state of her men. She believed she had been selected by God to lead the army of France against England.
While this may be true, Joan of Arc heard voices, this is what she called the heavenly beings that would come to her and give her counsel. She was thirteen years old when she started hearing the voices that changed her life forever “Joan was in her father’s garden, a small plot of ground between the house and the church. At her left hand, toward the church she saw a great light and had a vision of the archangel Michael, surrounded by other angels”(Lowell,1896). Joan of Arc would later testify that the Voices were those of Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine. Joan of Arc stated “The first time that I heard this Voice, I was very much frightened; it was mid-day, in the summer, in my father's garden” (Pettinger, Tejvan, 2007). The Voices that Joan of Arc heard

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