A Woman 's Crusade And The Battle For The Ballot

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In A Woman’s Crusade, Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot, Mary Walton argues how important it is for women to actively know the history with their equality rights, and how Alice Paul and other women fought so hard for those rights throughout time. All through time women have fought for the right to vote, equal rights in the workplace, and rights for our own body, these fights have been so important for woman to move on in our society to been seen as equals and not the weaker sex. Moving back in time with Mary Walton’s book “A Woman’s Crusade,” in the early stages of women’s suffrage is an inspiring crusade of inspiration. Alice Paul started her early days as an eighth generation American Quaker, living a life as a Quaker Alice Paul…show more content…
To this day the women’s suffrage movement ignites women in the present to keep those right burning. Alice Paul and her fellow women suffrages demonstrated through speeches, lobbying and petitioning Congressional Committees, with parades, picketing and demonstrations, and with arrest that lead to imprisonment. These women express courage that women still uphold for years after their legacy has passed on, such as the article “Women’s Strike for Equality,” by Linda Napikoski, in the demonstration that was held on August 26, 1970 on the 50th anniversary of women’s suffrage. As well as an article “Women to Protest For Equality Today,” by United Press that talks about on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the women’s suffrage and “declared war on firms that Damage the Image,” of the fair sex. Alice Paul, set the stage for inspiring women to fight for their rights everywhere across the world. The journey of women’s suffrage beings with an aspired women named Alice Paul, who revolutionize the rights for women everywhere. Walton refers, how the inspiration all had flipped-the switch in Alice Paul when she heard speech on the “Votes for Women,” from a women named, Christabel Pankhurst, which was interrupted abruptly due to Christabel spitting in a police offers face, and being taken to jail. Walton refers to the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) as being seldom out of the news during the winter of 1907,
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