A Woman 's Experience With The Law Essay

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Law is a tool, a tool of resistance, power, or even oppression. A woman’s experience with the law can potentially see the law as a tool of oppression. Internationally, across many states like Ohio itself, a husband can legally rape his wife if his wife is subdued by drugs, or any substance that lessens her chances of resistance and encourages consent (Allen, 2015). Across many legal institutions, and systems a woman suffers from discrimination or oppression due to her ‘multiple identities’ (Lockhart & Mitchell, 2010, p.8). Legal institutions and their processes overlook and ignore the experiences of people, in particular women who are subjected to dimensions of “race, class, gender and sexuality… in relation to their struggle against racial, sexual, sexual orientation and class oppression” (Lockhart & Mitchell, 2010, p.7). Law and legal processes hardly examine other characteristics of women because these institutions are centred on “objectivity and universalism” (Marchetti, 2008, p.156); only one characteristic or experience is examined to determine the outcome of a case. The objective of this essay is to explore the intersectionality of women, in particular women of color and immigrant women and their experience with legislation that either overlooks or fails to recognise intersectionality of a woman (Lockhart & Mitchell, 2010, p. p.xxiii).

Intersectionality was first developed by Kimberle Crenshaw (1989) to showcase the difficulty law has in identifying the
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