A Woman 's Life Consisted Of Only Farm And Family

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In early America, a woman’s life consisted of only farm and family. “The women worked inside the house converting raw products into supplies, whereas men did the outside work such as planting and harvesting crops.”() All of a woman’s duties are what we refer to as “housewife” “which varied from region to region, but regardless of a “[couple of differences] the activities were much the [same all around].” () In spite of the majority of women performing their usual house responsibilities, “[some] would perform jobs by men [such as being] blacksmiths, silversmiths, and sail makers, tailors, painters, and wheelwrights and shopkeepers of every sort.”() Many women “practiced medicine also to become nurses, unlicensed physicians and midwives.” () However because women were seen inferior to males, “women [had to] work side by side with their spouses without being given any power or able to share in the political [view with the] men. Most women simply accepted the division of political labor and their role as women, being described as their husband’s better half.”() This mentality of women being the “home maker” was “maintained throughout the 1800’s for the majority of Americans who continued to live on farms,” () however this was not the case for the new up-and-coming middle class. “For the middle class home and family was seen as separate from the world of work and money. The middle class women continued to perform their traditional work but it was no longer considered real work,
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