A Woman 's Role During American Society

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A woman’s role in American society has been progressive, yet challenging over the decades, battling the change of America’s once male dominated society, to a nation where the gender role is equally balanced. Within the nation, it struggles with viewing women as equivalent in the workplace, family life, and economically. While we have improved since the colonial times and the 1900’s, we still have further progress to procreate towards to providing stability and equality of women’s financial, working, and family needs.
Going back into America’s history, the expectations of a woman from the late 1800’s and early 1900s, were to be a good homemaker and wife. Now into the late 1900’s and 2000’s, this role has added on much more responsibility and expectations of today’s woman, such as returning to school and working a full time job, while continuing to take care of home. Though the type of work a woman can execute has changed, it also brings along societal issues. Issues such as: unequal pay wages differentiations between men and women and between different races amongst women, the concern of maternity leave and of course, the struggle of balancing work and a family.
Beginning in the colonial times, women earned a living working as seamstresses and managing upkeep on boardinghouses, while others worked male dominated professions (Women’s International Center 1994). This changed by the early 19th century, when the opportunities for better conditioned jobs for women, were lowered

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