A Woman 's Worth By Kate Chopin Essay

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A Woman’s Worth During the 19th century, female writers were acclaimed for a strong and diverse stance on feminism and self-identity. Kate Chopin wrote “The Awakening” as a fictional feminist novel that was unusual because writing about sexual topics during that time period was not typical. Chopin as the author used Edna Pontellier to represent women who had childhood dreams and adult realities. The author was non-judgmental and unbiased about the sexual desires women portrayed. She wanted women to understand that they can be negatively influenced by their environment. Cynthia Griffin Wolff states, “This strange world, with its languorous climate and frankly sensuous habits, is a world where ‘normal,’ ‘respectable’ women openly vault pleasures that are unfamiliar to her” (53). The attitudes towards sexuality in “The Awakening” had gender roles that were very oppressive of women, which forced Edna to live in a dreaming state until awakened; once awaken she wanted self-fulfillment through her identity, gender roles and woman relationships. Edna is a woman who begins to process her self-worth by gaining control of her life. She does not want to live the Victorian lifestyle like other women. A married woman in the 19th century was expected to attend to the children, the husband and the household. Kate Chopin states, “If it was not a mother’s place to look after children, whose on earth was it?” (565). However, she wants to be an individual woman who can live her life free
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