A Woman’S Sacrifice. As A Woman In 1879, You Are Not Considered

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A Woman’s Sacrifice As a woman in 1879, you are not considered a respectable member of society. Women during this time-period are objectified and shaped into becoming the proper housewife for a man she probably does not even love. In Henrik Isben’s “A Doll’s House”, we see three main examples on what women are forced to sacrifice to be married or any relationship really. with Nora, Anne-Marie, and Mrs. Linde. These women are basically dolls that are played with by the men they are married to, their families, and society. In act I of the play, Nora is a rebellious housewife with a childlike personality, who is married to Torvald. She creates this image in your head of an annoying woman who isn’t anything but a gold digger. Throughout the…show more content…
She made these payments using the allowance he gave her and odd jobs she did herself. Even at the end of the play, when Torvald found out about Nora taking out the loan, he acted completely different than Nora expected and Nora realized that he had never been in love with her. He just loved the idea of being married and with her. Torvald says to Nora, “What a horrible awakening! The woman who was my pride and joy for eight years, a hypocrite, a liar, worse than that, much worse – a criminal” (Isben 910, Act III). Torvald always wanted to be the man to “rescue”, but not when she really needed his help. Anne Marie was another example of this. She had a child out of wedlock and the man she was impregnated by wanted nothing to do with either her or the child. Anne Marie was not going to be able to properly care for her child, so she gave up her daughter so they both could have a better life. Anne Marie became the nanny to Nora after Nora’s mother had died. Nora and Anne Marie speak about Anne Marie, becoming Nora’s nanny: NORA. Anne Marie, I want you to tell me something I’ve often wondered about. How could you have the heart to let your own child be raised by strangers? NURSEMAID. I had to, if I wanted to be little Nora’s nursemaid (Isben 883, Act II). She had given up her life, so her and her daughter could both have a better life. If she hadn’t, then Anne and her daughter would have ended up living in poverty and
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