A Woman'S Voice. Beautiful. Intelligent. Fearless. Feisty.

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A Woman 's Voice Beautiful. Intelligent. Fearless. Feisty. All characteristics and symbols that can be associated with the representation of women. A vast majority of women have lead the way for our voice in society to work, vote, and be treated as equals. However, we are constantly stomped on by the men and our inability to avoid self-doubt. Diminishing our voice to give us the choice to say ‘this is my body and I am beautiful’. That we will not apologize for our appearances or our minds. That we are proud to be God’s creation in this Earth. A voice that lets people know we will not cry out or stand down to the world’s distractions and negativity to miss guide us. We will not live in a society where generations after generations we let…show more content…
However, men do have given expectations in society but they are more narrow and accepting than for women. In “Shrinking Women” by Lily Myers, the poem discusses the symbolism of shrinking and the influence on someone’s characteristics . Her mother is known as a reserved and timid women who is belittle by society’s view. Not only is her mother shrinking her actual body size but also her thoughts are condensed to accommodate for her husband being able to overpower her in size and mind. Lily Myers ' mother is an over expecting and in denial woman whose constant focus is her appearance. The same women who used to be overweight in her youth now drinks her wine out of a measuring glass and hands her daughter over her food instead of eating it. As women, we must meet certain standards of beauty in order to be accepted into one’s society, which creates rough and sometimes painful positions that make us seem more feminine to the outside world. For instance, “Women must choose between attractive shoes and comfortable shoes . When our group made an unexpected trek, The woman who wore flats, lace shoes arrived first. Last to arrive was the woman in spiky heels, shoes in hand and a handful of men around her. ” ( Tannen 412). This idea that pain is beauty and the more pain we inflict on ourselves like tweezing, tight dresses and wearing uncomfortable shoes. These are the reasons we become noticed because these are the things man like to

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