A Woman's Charming Do Analysis

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Self-Assessment I feel I have excelled in all of my essays. However in my opinion my best essay was A Woman’s Gotta Do What A Woman’s Gotta Do. This essay was a very ardent one for me. This was an essay about a very extraordinary and self-empowering experience. Because this essay was so close to my heart it was extremely effortless for the words to percolate. I can recount the series of events of that day just like it was yesterday. I was able to articulate a vivid description of that day as it replayed through my mind. I think Where Is Everyone is my weakest essay. It was very difficult for me to wrap my head around the subject The Pact. I feel this because it was a very incomprehensible subject for me. However, I did somewhat enjoy reading the book to a certain extent. To improve this essay, I would take the time to watch the Youtube video of the three Dr’s. I might also visit an…show more content…
However, if I had to designate one as my favorite I would have to choose Writers Retreat by Stan Higgins. I found this short story very humorous. It was also slightly captivating. I was curious if the inmate would ever achieve completion of the piece he was trying so diligently to write. It must have been extremely frustrating for him too. It seems as if every time he started to write, someone was discommoding him. He was plagued with a plethora of hindrances, yet he persevered. I also enjoyed the twist at the end. I was astonished to read that Mr. Thunder so very disconcerted that the man wasn’t writing about him. If I had to choose a reading assignment that I like the least it would probably be Everyday Use by Alice Walker. It was so very protracted and excruciatingly dragging. I truly couldn’t decipher what exactly she was writing about. I couldn’t tell which character was saying what or even what the point of the story was. I had to compel myself to read this it was a considerable imposition to
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