A Woman's Journey

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Many people came on September 22, 2015 to witness a young women’s story about how she overcame cultural bias, sexual abuse, and physical danger in order to achieve her dream to become a professional photographer. Invited to speak at Saginaw Valley State University’s Malcom Field Theatre by the president of the university, the title of Eman Mohammad’s speech was ‘Breaking Taboos and Documenting Devastation: A Woman’s Journey’. This title fitted her speech perfectly as a many people came to hear her speech for a number of reasons. Some came to listen to a female talk about her journey in a male-dominated occupation, while others came to hear her life story and how it influenced her passion and the subjects of her work. Eman Mohammad is a significant…show more content…
Saginaw Valley placed her in the largest theatre on campus, the Malcom Field Theatre. This theatre holds an estimate of 525 people, and t was full the night Eman spoke. The audience was diverse; it was composed of senior citizens teachers, students, and families. The audience was mostly composed of students. Many came for extra credit or an assignment, but many also came to experience the story of how Eman Mohammad achieved success, especially in a male-dominated culture. There were also a large amount of senior citizens there. They were a part of a community where they are bused to the campus for major speeches. Many of them seemed very interested in the speech, and asked the majority of the questions afterwards. One thing that I found interesting was that there were a pretty equal amount of both genders. Although there were slightly more women than men, it was not a large difference. However, once the speech was over, and people were able to ask questions, the men and women’s questions were very different. The men who asked questions seemed to ask more about the actual state of war at the Gaza Strip or instead connected her experience of devastation to something they have seen, perhaps from war. The women tended to ask questions relating more to the difficulty of being a woman in the profession. They also asked more about her family and how she dealt with the dangers of her
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