Essay on A Woman's Right

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A Woman’s Right: Abortion
According to Edward Abbey, “Abolition of a woman's right to abortion, when and if she wants it, amounts to compulsory maternity: a form of rape by the State.” Abortion should ultimately be the decision of the mother who is carrying the child, and the government should have no say in what the mother can or cannot do with her own body. There are various scenarios where a woman needs the option of having an abortion. However, there must be strict medical guidelines placed for those who seek an abortion, so that unsafe abortions do not occur. That being said, even though there should be some government regulation of abortion practices, government funding should not be provided for abortions because it will simply
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If she becomes pregnant, she should not be forced to have the child of her rapist. This would further harm her psychological health if she was forced to have that child. A woman needs to have this option especially if a young teenager or teenager is raped and becomes pregnant. Those girls should not have the burden to go through that painful process. Many women want to have an abortion “because they want to be mothers to the children they already have” (Berer 2000, 581). If the family is not in the financial state to support another child, then the mother should be able to decide if she wants to keep the child. This is often seen in Third-World countries; because of the issue of sexual assaults and financial instability, many countries around the world have begun to liberalize abortion laws.
As stated, there are many reasons why a woman may need the option to have an abortion; however, if the abortion practices are not safe, then there is no point to risk having an abortion. In order for abortion practices to be safe, “changing the law does matter and assertions to the contrary are ill-conceived and unsupported in practice” (Berer 2000, 582). Laws must be changed in order for safe abortions to occur. Abortions have been going on for centuries, however they often used to cause harm to the mother. Since we are now scientifically sound, we can provide safe, abortions that do not put a risk to the mother. If abortion is not legalized, that does not mean that conducting
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