A Woman’s Role: Prehistoric and Beyond Essays

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Though not much is known about pre-historic man or woman, I have to guess that the struggle to stay alive alone must have taken all of early man’s time both day and night. Based on this thought, it is hard for me to imagine how roles outside the main task of staying alive would have been divided by gender. Women and men both probably foraged for edible foods and probably hunted together in pairs I would guess. Since groups were small I imagine roles were shared equally. As the groups became larger, more organized and more advanced in agriculture, gender roles probably became more prominent. In early times, a woman’s primary role became childbearing and keeping the home environment, whether it be in a cave, mud hut or other structure. …show more content…
“In order to compensate for what men cannot do, they tell women that they may not do other things. Pregnancy, birthing, and nursing have always constituted a “no-man’s land.” In response to this circumstance, men have, throughout history and across cultures, set up a variety of “no-woman’s lands”: war, politics, clergy, business, men’s clubs, and so forth. From which activities women are excluded varies from one culture to another, but some form of exclusion can be found in all societies.” (2000, McElvaine, Robert S.; Eve's Seed : Biology, the Sexes, and the Course of Human History, p. 13 McGraw-Hill; Retrieved from: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/ashford/Doc?id=10152855)
By 2,500 B.C., communities and cities were formed in many different areas, complete with laws, codes, and rulers. In the middle-eastern region that was known as Mesopotamia, although there were many different cultures, there were also similarities among the groups, especially where women were concerned. Unless a woman was the wife or daughter of a ruler or another man with a title of authority, she made no choices of her own. Her marriage was arranged and a dowry or bride price was given. If a woman worked outside the home, it was to sell homemade goods. Women of that time also became mid-wives and pharmacologists of sorts, they developed and
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