A Woman's Role in Today's Society

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Introduction In today's society, a woman's roll in today's society is about as equal as a mans. A woman may vote, work what was formerly a man's job or have a job as a CEO and run a major company. The question really is more important with regards to what was a women's roll was in the society in the 1500's or earlier. One naturally asks what a woman in the house hold of the business. Further will probably ask rights if any women had and how did women live back then and if they had any power at all. It is these types of issues that this short essay will attempt to probe. Issues of Power and Sources As Tina Cooper puts it, it all depends on how you define power. Depending on the definition of power, it might surprise the modern observer that women before 1500 exercised much more power or "influence" than many sources have revealed in the past. If one defines or thinks of power as the ability to act effectively upon on persons or things, then women could use power quite often and authority that one might assume was originally reserved for men. The problem is that discovering the life of medieval women is much tougher than documenting that of men. There are fewer resources available to trace medieval womens' ways of life as opposed to that of men with equal stations at the time. Manorial court rolls will not reflect a woman's private influence over her husband but rather just the legal matters involved in the cases. While this eaves little room for individuality, it is a
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