A Women's Right to Vote Essay

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Women's Right to Vote

August 26, 1920 was perhaps one of the greatest victories of the century for women. Now when the polls open women and men stand next to each other and cast a vote that holds the same importance. Every person should remember the time and effort it took to get here as they approach the poll booth. There was a struggle to over come and that struggle was won. The landmark acceptance of the Nineteenth Amendment changed the way of life in American forever.

"We were sixteen women sitting in sixteen chairs, longing to stand. (Dubois 250)" This quote given by Mary Baker before the Passing of the

Nineteenth Amendment is used to show how women were wanting and desired

to stand next to each other in a line of
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Before the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment women were shunned and placed as background settings to a male dominated stage.

When the time came to push for the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment a group of women stood together to let their voice be heard. As Alice Paul said, "We came to be heard, not to be questioned or to be turned around. We will answer your questions and you may turn us around, but we will prove the burden of justice in our favor then you can no longer make us leave. With that we will

stay." (Foner 765) As the ladies decided that this would be their place to stand, in

time and in history, the male gender parted seas and allowed the females to

forge their way to the next moment in time. Till the day the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified it was the only argument that could force sides to be taken among

families, friends, and society in general. August 20, 1920, the Nineteenth

Amendment was passed allowing women the right to vote as equals with men.

The right of all citizens of the United States to vote would not be denied by the United States Government or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power, by appropriate legislation, to enforce the provisions of this article. (Weatherford 245)

These few words gave the female race in
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