A Wonderful Place Essay

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The heavy whooshing of the air conditioner does nothing to subdue the hard, crunching sound of my tires against the narrow dirt road. The length of a long, thick branch settled atop two smaller branches jetting about two feet out of the ground is the only defining parameter of the space allotted for vehicle parking. As I check the rearview mirror in a habitual, precautionary manner prior to pulling into a parking spot, I notice a billowy beige cloud trailing behind my car. Upon stepping out of the car, I am struck by two things: the beauty of my surroundings and the dry smell of the dirt cloud filling my nostrils. Except for the space just beyond the parking branch--wherein lies a small open field of grass with three trail markers, placed…show more content…
Aside from the trees, underbrush and a cornucopia of sounds surround me. To my left I hear a rustling; a small toad comes into view, hoping along the trail at my feet. Letting him pass freely before me I move on and come to a crossroads. A slight veer to the right maintains the Peeper's Pond trail, while straight ahead or a sharp turn to the left puts me on the way to the River Trail. With no river or pond as yet in sight, I stay faithful to Peeper's path. Before I continue onward, another toad crosses my path. I think to myself, "The Nature Center should invest in a 'Slow: Toad Crossing' sign." Anyone not looking may find the sole of their shoe making close contact with the small green creatures. While stopped, I notice a deep, guttural, not-so-far-off sound; however, it's not just one sound -- it's volumes of the same guttural tone. I realize it must be a chorus of toads occupying Peeper's Pond. I then open my ears to my surroundings and hear the calling of the birds filling the trees--some calls fluctuate between two notes in a melodic trill, while some use sharper tones and cover what seems every octave within seconds. The call of the birds and the guttural toads mix together to form a strange symphony of sound. The slight wind brushing against the tall Aspens forms a sound similar to tree limbs cracking all around me. It is at this point that I realize just how far away I
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