A Word Search Project on "Creativity"

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Consider the educationalist professor Sir Ken Robinson's words "If you are not prepared to fail, you can't be original" (Ted). By saying this he had defended that people need to be brave, and then he adds that today's education system leads students to a certain and specific way. So students don't have a chance to fail because they have nothing to do by their own. If a student ignores the system, he will be a uneducated person, in general uneducated people has less value in today's society. Otherwise, if he accepts it, and goes where system leads, he will lose his creativity. To be accomplished in this life, education is one of the most important things. That means you need to be successful in your education life, and as Sir Ken Robinson said: "Failing is the worst thing a student can do in this system" (Ted). If you fail, people will just stigmatize you. So today's education system and situations in life kills the creativity. To be able to make comment about a word, it is very important to know it's historical usage. Based on the data of the search engine called Ngram, which is a search engine created for learning the usage of a word in different time periods: The usage of word creativity had decreased in last ten years (Google). Furthermore education by technology instructor Steve Bross's researches shows that in last ten years education had made headway by the help of technology (Bross). So the one of the main reasons of decreasing the usage of creativity is improvement
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