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A word that can be closely linked with promoting good and doing what’s “right” is ethics. Ethics “is concerned with the study of social morality and with philosophical reflection on its norms and practices” (Burkhardt, Nathaniel, & Walton, 2014, p. 26). A significant portion of nursing is dealing with ethical situations, which then entails ethical decision-making. The process of making ethical attentive decisions usually includes gathering data, comparing choices, weighing selections and making a decision. (Burkhardt, Nathaniel, & Walton, 2014). This process requires putting ethical principles into action and a common framework nurses utilize is the ethical decision-making framework. In this paper, I will review an ethical situation I have…show more content…
One day, a team member on the health care team mentioned how this resident appeared to be in a good mood. A comment was then made that she should be given risperidone now so we can avoid her having an outbreak. This client then was then given risperidone and spent her afternoon being sedated in her wheelchair. This did not sit well with me, though considering the perspective of the other health care providers, this could be a common practice for this individual which I may be unaware of due to being new to the unit and had not had a placement which involved working with elders with Alzheimer’s before. As my practice continued I noticed this happening to another client. After the second time I encountered this confusing intervention, I brought what I had encountered to my peers and instructor during post conference. My instructor made it clear that this practice is something that does happen, but by no means indicates that it is ethical and best practice. I believe and stand by my opinion today that as a health care provider we should be bettering end of life care and not decrease an individuals quality of life, especially if it involves performing actions that makes our work easier when the one requiring care does not benefit. Step 1: Identify the Facts In this stage of the decision model a nurse will address the facts of this

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