A Work Of Art And Its Impact On Society

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A work of art is something that touches the emotions of people. Without saying a word, art often speaks volumes to its viewers by challenging the current ideological orders, which are better known as the ways in which society thinks, acts, and functions on a daily basis. One of the most powerful art forms in terms of influencing society is a monument, which can be defined as a large manmade structure built to commemorate a significant person or event in history. Like all forms of art, monuments tell a story. Additionally, they take art to the next level by portraying something historical. They are one of the best art forms when it comes to influencing the public, yet their cultural impact is often overlooked. Many people see a monument as a display of a person or event’s importance to society during its time in history. However, that is not its sole purpose. It should also remind people of how the world was impacted by the particular event it stands for. A monument is capable of fueling an effort to maintain the change brought about by what it represents while also inspiring people to refrain from returning ideological order to its state prior to that event’s position in history. When designing a monument, architects strive to reach success in both of these categories to maximize its impact on ideological order. The first prerequisite for building a monument is establishing a good reason and location for which to build one. For a person or event to have a…
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