A Work Of Fiction And Fantasy

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Ectogenesis appears to be a work of fiction and fantasy. The testing of ectogenesis, or embryos developing into babies outside of a human by an apparatus, could eventually turn into a universal reality. Any difficulties that may arise in natural childbirth could use an artificial womb to save mothers from the stress of being pregnant as well as protecting the child from any harm. Nonetheless, ectogenesis is a process that could lead to overpopulation and taking away the human bonding and involvement with carrying a child. Consequently, the government should regulate this technology and limit it only to those in which pregnancy is either life threatening or impossible. British scientist J.B.S. Haldane invented the term ectogenesis in 1924. He predicted by 2074 only 30 percent of births would be human births. Since then, science has developed much quicker than Haldane realized (Istvan, 2014). The process of ectogenesis attributes to the first test tube baby or “in vitro fertilization”. An experiment started with Dr. Helen Hung-Ching Liu who creates an actual formation of an artificial womb to see if it was able to be life-sustainable. The next experiment was with Dr. Yoshinori Kuwabara, who went as far as to take a goat embryos and gestated them outside of the mother goat. The goat made it all the way to full term.
The ectogenesis technology itself is incredibly complex. The concept involves an amniotic fluid-filled aquarium with a group of tubes and monitoring cables
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