A Worker From The Vineyards

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On the other hand, there were also differences in both interviews. One large difference was that my grandfather was a worker from the vineyards, so he was able to give first hand information based on his experiences, while Leslie only works with the Jornaleros through proyecto, but she is not one herself. Leslie said language was a barrier for most day laborers because since they could not speak the language, they were subject to abuse from their employers. This idea was contradictory to my grandfather who said knowing the language only could give you an advantage, but it did not make it impossible for you to work in the fields. He said that as long as you knew how to do your job, you were guaranteed employment, especially if you were a hard worker. My grandfather nostalgically told me, “They did not care whether you spoke English or not, to them you were just another pair of hands they used to pick the grapes.” Another large difference was the experience each of them had based on their positions. Leslie as a volunteer said her experience working with day laborers has been rewarding because she likes to hear about their experiences and it has gave her a better understanding of the challenges they face. My grandfather said it was not a good experience, he wasn’t treated well, he would consistently transfer from one field to the other hoping for better treatment, but it never happened. Conducting the interviews and seeing the similarities and differences opened my eyes

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