Essay about A World Created through Trade

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Intro The world economy has been linking distant and disparate peoples for thousands of years. Globalization and diversity are by no means the product of modern technologies and economies; instead they have been widespread throughout history. Even if at times most of the wealth was flowing towards Europe, obscure places profoundly influenced the usage of commodities. It was the deep-rooted cultural beliefs of local markets rather than the traditional notion of supply and demand that determined the value of different goods. 1 The people of the Fujian trade diaspora, out of Southeast coast of China spreaded across the world. A son would be given an opportunity to travel abroad and make money then come back to a wife as a reward. The…show more content…
Due to its high demand, various other countries also started to grow the bean, as it was becoming a commodity throughout the world. Similarly, tea furthered transcontinental trade. China, the only country able to grow the tea plant due to its environmental conditions, established a critical trade contact, Britain, directly following tea’s rise in global market. Another product that put a rise in the global market was coffee. When coffee and other drugs were first introduced to societies, the government tried to ban these products from being traded, due to the fact that the populations were becoming addicted. Ironically, soon after that, coffee shops became political parties, men’s clubs, and respected organizations. Sugar was another major import that relied on slavery especially from Haiti. Haiti ‘s demand of sugar led its slavery to become so intense that 6% of the population controlled the remaining 94% as slave on sugar plantations.Britain had a trade deficit, and in order to overcome this problem, they introduced Opium to the Chinese and got them addicted, which forced them to trade with the British Empire, drastically improving the British economy. Another highly addictive drug trade was cocaine, discovered in 1860 by British scientists. 5 Gold, God, and Glory powered everything in the beginning. The Spanish enslaved the Aztecs when they conquered them to help them with sugar production rates, increasing
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