A World Engrossed By Blurbs And Snippets Essay

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In a world engrossed by blurbs and snippets, documentaries provide an opportunity to understand, think, and connect with the world beyond one-liners and excerpts. The Mask You Live In is a profoundly poignant documentary about how boys are directed to grow up to be "men" and what it means to be a man in today 's world. This documentary is a film that parents need to be made aware of and need to be made to watch. There are eye-opening interviews with experts, inspiring teachers, athletes, and other role models. Young boys, teens, and grown men, also chime in, and discuss their experiences, both positive and negative. They often share moving, emotional, and intense memories and feelings. There are frank discussions and sometimes-graphic footage related to sexuality, homophobia, sexism, pornography, abuse, suicide, and rape. Also, included within the film are numerous scenes that depict young men and women drinking and doing drugs to the point of being completely inebriated. There is, also, a lot of strong foul language, as well as many sexually charged innuendos that boys and men use to belittle one another 's masculinity. All the presented material within the film is supported by sobering statistics, but the ultimate message is one of hope. Hope that if kids can be raised to reject old and limiting socially constructed sex roles, then we can help boys reconstruct new identities as men, husbands, friends, and fathers. Growing up is never easy. There are so many codes of

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